Friday, June 16, 2017


I'm feeling a little blessed atm .
Ok Hugely blessed by the arty cosmos .
When one of your Muses asks you to join in on something creative and fun,
one has so many reasons to say yes ..
YES.. I'm down with the challenge ..
ok I'm being elusive , but I'm still in that disbelief stage of the process.
Dina ,you know who I'm talking about,asked me....yep me :) :) to join the Tribe and take up the challenge to create an  Art Journal piece with the theme " Why do you Art Journal ?"
This is a challenge for all Art Journalist out there, who use Ranger and Dina Wakley media products, ,so jump in at anytime and share your stuff
with the hashtag 

Challenge Rules

  • We will announce monthly challenges on the Ranger blog on the third Thursday of each month.
  • Use at least one Dina Wakley Media product in your project. If your product is not obvious (like paint), please list the colors you used.
  • You can make anything you like—a card, an art journal page, a tag, a canvas, anything!
  • Interpret each challenge any way you like. You can be literal or you can use it as a springboard and see where it takes you. Let the challenge inspire you and stretch you.
  • Try to journal on your piece. Write your thoughts about each prompt. You can write a little or you can write a lot, but do your best to incorporate your thoughts and feelings into the piece.
  • When you complete a challenge, please share it on your blog and social media (Instagram/Facebook) with the tags #showusyourMEdia and #rangerink.
  • We will do two random drawings each month for a prize. We will search the hashtag #showusyourMEdia on Instagram for one winner, and then on Facebook for the second winner. To be clear, you must use the hashtag #showusyourMEdia on either Instagram or Facebook in order to show up in the search and to be eligible to win. Please note social media accounts must be set to public in order for us to view your post. You have until the third Wednesday of each month to complete the previous month’s challenge.
  • We will announce the previous month’s winner AND the new challenge on the third Thursday of each month. 
  • Here is where I started

    Using up strips of geli plate left overs made with rad Ranger
     DWM Acrylic paint and added a little Gesso
    then a little stamping with a DWM Stamp and the addition of my woman mandala and the
    feather scraps from a geli plate print .
    And the layering begins

     Crappy lighting this morning and my dodgy phone photos ain't the best , but you get the idea .

     Id love to see and read WHY you Art Journal ?
    don't forget to hashtag
    So we can check out your pieces !!
    Looks like I may be blogging hard again. I'm super inspired by so many arty folk out there in this big beautiful creative world . I Love sharing the creative vibe .
    Peace and Art Flow to you All

    Lisa xx

    Thursday, June 15, 2017

    A Canvas in Progress.

    Those days when you just want to play with paint and shape.
    This is how my fun starts.

    Sending some colourful arty love your way, Thanks for dropping by my blog.

    Lisa xx

    A few Arty Journal pieces

    Sharing a few art Journal Pieces from the last few months ..
     I've been a very slack Blogger .
    Doing a little catch up today,in the last days of my 2 week creative working holiday .
    I've been to lovely Victor Harbour in South Australia for 5 days , back home and then up to the Hunter Valley here in NSW for another 5 days of creative fun, with some of my creative besties . 
    Check my Instagram feed for all the fun.

    A little watercolour fun after work.
    I love these Prima Watercolour sets, this one is Tropical.

    After a rough in with watercolour , out comes the acrylics and a little stencil rub back

    A class project from a few months ago, lots of lovely colourful heart layering onto black pages..
    Love the effect .

    Thanks for Dropping By..
    I'll be back , sooner than you know it .

    Sunday, May 14, 2017

    Layout Sharing

    Howdy Bloggers , 
    I'm back,sharing a few back catalog pieces that I formally blogged over at Scrapping Clearly .
    My poor blog is a ghost town with so far and few posts.
    But I did want to share a few layouts and fill in some blog pages.
    Im loving the We R Memorykeepers old school typewriter.
    perfect for journaling and taking out a little stress relief also, when hitting those keys .

      My girl is about to take on the world,heading to the USA and the UK to fulfill her dreams.
    I'm so incredibly proud and excited to support and encourage her .
    This layout celebrates her drive and focus to the goal.

    Thanks for dropping by,
    hopefully I'll be back soon,with another back catalog update .

    Lisa x

    Friday, December 2, 2016

    Phone blogging

    Howdy Bloggers,web surfers and stalkers..
    Ive been blog absent from this baby.
    Still blogging with Scrapping Clearly weekly ,but avoiding uploading on my blog. Now my laptop has died I hace to be resouceful and find another alternative.
    Today I'm sharing via my phone,Ive installed blogger, so hopefully I will be a little bit more active publishing arty stuff on my own page..
    I am very keen to know who else is blogging via their smartphone ? And how it works for you.

    In the last month, l've been lucky enough to have been sharing my love and passion for colourful dreamcatchers in Victoria and NSW . Queensland I am sure to be sharing and seeing you next year sometime. So watch this space.
    Heres a few photos from my latest classes.

    Friday, September 30, 2016

    layout update

    Sharing a few layouts from the last month of creative flow.
    Featuring some important scrap sistas who rock my creative world .

    Saturday, August 20, 2016

    Music On / World Off

    Music is the last true voice of the human spirit, 
    it can go beyond language, beyond age
     and beyond colour straight to the mind and heART of all people.
    Ben Harper

    Sharing a quick music inspired layout completed last month 
    at the rad Flutterby Designs Retreat out Tamworth way on the grounds of Lake Keepin-it Real.
    (very little country music to be heard-yippee) but lots of cool tracks on Anitas i-pod
    Using a combination of Stencils from Flutterby Design and CWS this piece celebrating this
     rockin Music man fell together in a flash. HB to him.
    House paint, Thickers,Stamping ,Me & my Big Idea music notes,a little more rad Flutterby Design Flair love and this piece was complete. 
    Music gives a soul to the universe,
     wings to the mind,
    flight to the imagination,
    and life to everything else.

     Music is the strongest form of Magic.
    Marilyn Manson.

    Peace , Love and Music x

    Friday, August 5, 2016

    Quiet Riot.

    A few months ago I was blessed to be asked by my gorgeous arty friend Ange,
     to throw together some pieces for my 1st solo Exhibition.
     Thanks to My Happy Place HQ for hosting me. 
    Big Thanks and Love to all those people who purchased my pieces.
    I'm feeling very blessed to have had this experience, 
    and to have been able to find homes for all these colourful pieces .