Sunday, September 29, 2013

a quick post

Just a quick blog before the family return from a weekend of skating
and i extract myself from my art table.
i got a pile of layouts done, so wish i could share them all,
my delayed gratification sucks .lol
heres a layout or 3, I played with over the last few days .
 a layout for Tracey
 i have flogged this stamp to death, such good value for money :)
a happy layout for me 
so inspired by these 2. Leonie and Malinda

i'm hoping you had time to get arty over the weekend :).

chill time

= creative time :)

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Stencil Art

Yay , Donna Downey came back to OZ ..
I was lucky enough to attend a class with her, my third in as many years ,
 at Pages2Scrap on the Central Coast , NSW , Australia .
I always get great ideas and tips from Donna , she is a wealth of creative knowledge and 
she gets us Aussies .
i had planned to do the Friday evening class ,but with my friend Paula unable to attend Friday ,
so , 
I booked us both  in for the Saturday night stencil art class
which was AWESOME..
heres a sneak from the piece i made in class.
I seriously was so inspired i not only got very little sleep from the ideas floating in my head but i busted into 
a two new canvases a day later .
the process is very simple..
make up acrylic paint sprays and layer up your stencils , drying in between
when that process is finished , dry finger paint over your canvas to reveal your favourite stencil clusters 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Delightfully Savvy Scrappin Retreat

Savvy Delights Retreat 2013
Yep , it happened again..another scrap retreat.
 A wonderful way to catch up with 
different scrap buddies and create together,
finding inspiration from others, sharing your stash.
 but ,there's something special about the Savvy Delights Retreat .
Sandra puts together a seriously huge selection of challenges(almost 40) to prompt the creative spirit. 
Running thru a few ...  this layout requested but Tanya who is with me in this pic,
I'm hold a pic of super creative Louise Nelson and Tanya together 
the prompt in this layout was the provided chippy words.

Theres a slider on the top of this page but ive cropped it off...whoops 
i love this pic of my gorgeous arty friend Paula .
These Two Layouts are for my scrap sista Sarah..
I've loved watching these two girls grow and dance their way into my heart,
 seen in their Mummas' beautiful fun work.
Layout 1 .. provided// felt flowers
Prompt - Rhinestones and Pearls 
A layout for Joanne Prompt _Lisa Warren Transparency 
back to a layout from me :)
lol love this pic 
Best thing is hanging out with creative friends

Prompt- Today Flair.
no prompt -this ones for me 
 A layout for Tracey Lee Henly  -no prompt
No prompt, this one just fell together in 20 mins 
there are a few more, but i thought id sub a couple.
not bad for a weekends work.:)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

WW1 September Challenge

 First day off in 17 ,
I partook of the essential sleep in,
then to the art table to play with some colourful things .
I'm very excited to be a part of the White With 1 team 
and so stoked to get my a lil something flairs in the post .
I couldn't wait to create something for me :) 

Just something a bit special for Kim Kendell, whom i met at camp mojo.
its lovely to finally met friends whom you have chatted or 
admired work over a period of time.
i love this beautiful photo of shu shu

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

WooHooo WW1

 I'm in a bit of a Zombie state atm
Day 11 of a 17 day work roster..
Today i came home from work an hr early and slept.. my body is exhausted 
Yawn ...6 days to go so early nights are on the cards..
I have some SUPER scrappy news,
 some i can share , some i cant ...just yet ...:)
Its going to be a big year of scrapping ahead.
* I am super excited to be joining the WHITE WITH 1 ,
 spring / summer creative team starting in Oct..
I think it will be a fun challenge for me,to try and stick to one colour 
A few days ago i got a couple of hours at my art table ,
I bashed these 2 out , using backgrounds from my class at the LSBS Retreat..
loving these new 3rd eye stamps 

 and again , 3rd eye stamps.. ♥ them

 Yawn .. i think i need to head back to bed..5.15 am wake ups suck