Friday, October 22, 2010

a little while ago the gorgeous BRIDGETTE HATTON
started a scrap 'chinese whispers challenge '
i received this amazing piece from
Julie Winks..... wow her layout is superb....
anyway is what i created from that whisper...
and if you follow this link to Samantha ,you can see her whisper :)
enjoy your friday weekend

Sunday, October 17, 2010

nothing more wonderful for a parent ,
than seeing images like these :)

my baby turns 12 today
atm she is out with the grampies for lunch and a shop
sister in toe.........
and then its an afternoon of skating down somesby way ...
no skating for me ,just some photo play :)
heres a few more pieces from when ruby was here.
now ill have to start creating ive run out of share stuff :(

2 canvases and a layout of rolling ruby

have a happy sunny sunday :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Layout Update
its been a few days ince Ruby left us ,
and although i said i was going to get straight back into it ,
it sort of didnt happen...
sleep happened ,family life,back to work,
workouts with Laurie and 2 sessions of zumba .
i still have 2 canvases and a layout to photograph
but here are 6 layouts to share .

Sunday, October 10, 2010

ive been lucky enough to have a few days off work
and with the kids on holidays .
it was a perfect time to invite miss ruby to come join us .
its not just me who is totally inspired by ruby ....her art...her spirit and character .
the kids also have such a super time together...
so it was 3 days of art,skating,photos and fun.....
thanks so much for coming ruby ...miss u muchly xxx
updated pics of some of our adventures
how farrah fawcett is ruby zoom?
for those of us old enough to remember

skating the gnar
with astrid

fashion shoots with Eviie

love to all special ppl xxx