Sunday, August 29, 2010

howdy bloggers
its been an interesting weekend
on sat i raced to Maitland to pick up another dress
this time a super sexy 50's style red dress /lil black cheeries :)
ima lil naughty cause i layby'd the same dress in black,and a leather corset:):)
after that ill be good and wont spend anymore on myself (oh ok just a lil )
came home and while the family were out i chilled
..waiting for someone to motivate some fun..
but alas .......................nothing
no workout ..........:(
guess ill just make my own fun
been a lil scrap productive ,but this is all i can share atm..
its for my boss ......miss k and her new hubby g....
awww there in LURVE .xxxx
pauls found himself a new place to slalom with the naccoss crew
soldiers beach -back car park has become the new weekend venue .
a new layer of hot tar has him excited (oh its the small things right )
and with his trip to canberra coming up in a fortnight any skate time is a good thing
but what i found most enchanting was the spirit of sharing the skaters show
with teaching to young ones how to roll...awww its adoreable

and for me to see miss astrid
starting to take on the cones and roll with confidence
oh thats a true blast
goooooo asti !!!!
have a great week xxxxx

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