Sunday, February 13, 2011

High Tea by the Sea

Happy Birthday miss Eviie.
celebrating her 14th yr,
she's growing up....she has a job,she is cluey
and she is becoming more gorgeous everyday ,
and to celebrate we thought we would do something a little special :)
because "i havent had a party since i was 7",as she reminds me :( whoops ..
and of course because she is a wonderful child and its nice to celebrate that with her friends...
now she wanted a photo shoot ,but transporting 15 or so 14-12 yr olds is a difficult task,so we contacted the gorgeous Kimberly at Norah Head lighthouse and booked for the weekend.
(now thats my mums home from 1949 thru to 1961...and my grandads home in the '20.
so there is a real heart connection to the place and always wonderful to stay there ...)
bookings available just contact Kimberly and Karl at norah head lighthouse :)
past blog hopping lead me to a shoot Leanne Stamellos did with a party group of girls and it really tweeked my paying homage to that idea,the shoot was a huge success...
individual shot turned out beautifully ....but those group shots are super hard to master the art of getting great positioning and everyone on focus ...considering the day i think everything went swimmingly ....i hope the girls and parents liked their package of prints and disc.
we got to make the most of the weekend ,a few of the girls stayed the evening ,bbq breakfast on the verandah ,morning swim and one very successful birthday weekend for all ....
happy birthday Eviie hope you had the most fun of all ;).....

after shoot swim sat arvo
(now you have to love the pulling together of friends...the majority of the girls forgot their swimmers but between them they managed to organise themselves so everyone got to swim :)
evening sparklers
the girls with Kimberly

becky and eviie,one special bond xjiselle
kelsey darby

helena karly
eviie and asti
group shots

our little miss has a serious sailor fetish happening
anything nautical,anchors are her lurve ..her bestie beccy gave her this .
she couldnt have been happier
what a cute pin up:)


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