Tuesday, March 1, 2011

the things we do

i love this one of evie ...it was such a fun shot
and when i created this layout ,it simply fell together

a few weeks ago ,eviie and i were out and about ..noticed that the
local chemist does ear piercing for a low $25 including earrings and spray
so i asked eviie if she wanted them done....again
(long story but she let them close up yrs ago)
so she attempted...for like 40 times to get em done and the nerves just took over,
in the end i took her out of the chair...and now i have another set of earrings...at 42 ..lol
just what i needed....
in the end ,she did get them done...
we both have new piercings..lol

be creative and inspire someone today :)

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  1. Lisa - just had to say I am loving your work as always. Your stuff never ceases to amaze me. I might not always comment, but I am looking. Thanks so much for sharing.


thanks ever so much for taking the time to share some love thru your words ..xx witchy