Thursday, October 13, 2011

 hello bloggers hows things?
I'm in a transition time , which is always a good thing :):)
new job offer at work makes me Happpppppppppy
and gives me opportunity to grow and develop  in my first career of catering .
(which means completing my chefs ticket)....boooo------yahhhhhh
but I'm sort a super tired of carrying the weight of the family's financial concerns.
and I'm not really one to talk about whats happening but i don't really have a vent place
 and nobody really reads hears a good place to have a vent ....
and its been 6 yrs of full time work for me --prior ,with kids it was part time ) 
with no serious holidays since last year..(when i changed jobs)
and despite the reminders that everyone has to work ,its falling on Paul's deaf ears and over a period of years i'm at a loss to understand why its hard to work for the ones you love ...i don't seem to have a problem..i like a pay packet and giving to the ones i love . isn't it easy to work for the the ones who are supposed to mean the most well i think so and its getting me down..its making my heart very sad , and I'm sad for the kids for what they are missing out on .and then i think well Lisa maybe your all about getting stuff and its a money thing..but its not that .its about motivation and persistence and for love ..for Family...whats more important ? well not bloody me , that's for sure .pretty sad all round really ....grrrrrrrr ..vent over .
and now to make myself feel just a little better
i love these pics asti took ..sigh :)

 just a few layouts and a canvas im working on for a wedding in Nov
Peace and Love


  1. I'm reading. Hope things work themselves out for you. Congrats on the promotion, but I hear your frustration.

  2. Hey Lisa, take heart and be confident in your decision to work. It's right if you are doing it for the right reasons - and yours is LOVE ... what could be a better reason *sigh* That love word is a good one :)
    I recently finished my job at KC because I felt torn between spending time with my boys and working during the holidays - I had a "light bulb" moment and decided to resign there and then.
    Keep doing what you are doing but try and be happy and most importantly YOU DO MATTER!

  3. You are beautiful Witch I feel for you... you go for that ticket as you deserve it. I always have time to drop by your page, I might not always leave a comment but I lurk :):):)

    You are always giving Lisa. Take heart and try to take a little time just for you (you do really deserve it with out guilt). You need to be proud of how your darling girls have grown by all the love you give them. xxx

  4. Chatted with you about this retreat, and feeling for ya. Love ya work, love ya style, love everything about ya...just keep it up for you and the girls cause you know thats what is most important. xxxx Gorgeous work by the way!


thanks ever so much for taking the time to share some love thru your words ..xx witchy