Saturday, January 21, 2012

belated updating ...again

dec 3rd -8th 2011
Damn i've been a bad blogger once again...
got a pile of pics and layouts to upload so ill make it short and sweet and not bore you all too much .
i've been getting my camera out a little more ..
now the kids both have decent cameras and have control of their own images 
,im sorta looking for new alternatives to take pics of ...
love this shot miss 6 snapped on a recent shoot to the beach ...
i've been photographing these 3 young girls for the last 3 years ..
miss evie attended with me to put her skills to practice 
i was super proud of this shot....pity its not bloody mine ...a huge wow to Evie 
for snapping this glorious pic ,rich in Bokkah ...lush

we lost a dear friend last year ,and at the wake i snapped a few photos of school friends from way back.
i made this for mate of  our departed buddie Wiso ..
as a thank you for the love and support he has proudly displayed over the many years of friendship

 a lil backyard self portrait
 a canvas for my friend named Lee
 Having some misting fun 
 my scrap mess

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  1. Is that your craft room witchy?? WOWSERS you got some stuff!! lol. and is that a MAC I spy there??? I recognise that charger cable hahaha.

    Luv you, luv your work!!! xxxx


thanks ever so much for taking the time to share some love thru your words ..xx witchy