Thursday, March 8, 2012

just layouts

You could its been a slow start to the year blog wise..
Creatively I have an ebb and flow type of thing going on.
but that's cool, as long as I'm creating in some way I'm a happy camper.
I have a creative job - lucky me - but still nothing quite like
 playing with paper, paint, photos and colour .
don't you know it scrappers :) ?
 my beautiful miss 13
 so im taking these shots of this rad SUP dude in the surf,
 didnt know who it was , 
but later i found him in the carpark.
 turns out he is my old friends Darrens' nephew,and now , 
after competeing in Hawaii in feb he is on the world circuit.
.wow , big congrats to you Beau Nixon..

 Peace and LoVe xx


  1. Awesome work. Really love all those paintings with butterflies. Lovely!!! xoxo

  2. FAR FREAKIN' OUT!!! Just gorgeous the lot of 'em! ;)

  3. Hehe was just making a blog post about you ;) It's here if you want to see it!
    Brilliant that you have update your blog with your gorgeous creations...thanks for the inspiration x

  4. lisa lisa lisa!!!! Oh I've missed you babe - sorry haven't touched base with you for sooo long... But hope you're well and happy... Your girls are absolutely stunning - they're all growing up way too fast. Remember I met you when on the forum when Toby had just been born? Well guess what - he's five in two weeks! Anyway hun - just wanted to pop in and say hi and leave some love. XXXX D


thanks ever so much for taking the time to share some love thru your words ..xx witchy