Thursday, August 8, 2013

Too Many Photos

I need some new photos,
Weird, because i have boxes of pix ready to go .
But new pix......oh how they inspire the scrapper .
Three retreats coming up over the next month
(yes, totally self indulgent of me )
and nothing new, cause i havent had my camera out , 
with work and kids who now take their own pic i don't have anything fresh.
Best i been hauling thru the boxes of photos 
to find some inspiration to take away with me. 
or i'll be on the hunt for other peoples pix to scrap

 this pix is almost 3 yrs old, i don't think i had scrapped it before 
 oh i just love the life in this photo
 Two of the worlds' top downhill skaters prior to racing .
friendship / sportsmanship rolled into one 
 speaking of other peoples photos
i have an old friend who works as a paparazzi
He shoots everything from mega movie stars like Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman 
whenever they are in town, fashion week, and touring rockers and music events
.Sometimes he shares some of his shots with me , 
a few months ago he sent me some pix of the Stone Music Festival in Sydney.
Van Halen, Aerosmith , ... and these pix from a band called BuckCherry..
just on the quiet , this independant music lover has NO idea who they are,
 but hmmm to these awesome shots of Josh Todd.
definitely scrapable shots ...Thanks Maka xx


  1. Thanks for popping by my blog and leaving me some love! I am doing the same - I am totally jealous & can't wait to hear about your retreats! I bet you'll get some awesome pics then ~ blessed be!

  2. Hi Lisa! Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog. I really appreciate it. Just love your work and your use of bright cheerful colors :-))) I'll be visiting again soon!


thanks ever so much for taking the time to share some love thru your words ..xx witchy