Wednesday, December 11, 2013

a little more art jounalling

Im sorta kinda addicted people.
I've been dividing my off days into journal days and scrap days..
journal days are always first and so much fun, but i still have such a blast scrapping.
i have a few more layouts up my sleeve , but nothing i can share atm xx

some seriously dodgy journalling here, but im not stressing


  1. Absolutely awesome Lisa and a huge congrats on the SBM position. Woohoo!

  2. I've only just discovered your blog....amazing work!!

  3. As always Lisa, your work is total eye candy! I looove bright colour, and you never fail to disappoint me when I need a fix. I won't even try to comment which of these pieces I love the most, just keep them coming. X


thanks ever so much for taking the time to share some love thru your words ..xx witchy