Wednesday, January 15, 2014

bring on major mojo in 2014

its been a busy start to the year work wise and creatively I'm a little depleted.
.I am looking forward to a few days off and a fresh run of free flowing mojo.


  1. I know the feeling of being creatively drained. Your work is still top notch in my book and like you, I'm looking forward to 2014. Much love and blessings to you. <3

  2. Have a well derserved break and clear you mind, refresh and renew yourself babe!! You'll be creating freely again before you know it, more eye candy for me to look at!! My aim this year is just to fricking scrap more... Really hard to get my ass in my scrap chair!! xxx

  3. Awesome layouts...hope your mojo returns after a little break :)


thanks ever so much for taking the time to share some love thru your words ..xx witchy