Thursday, March 27, 2014

Love is All You Need

Recently, I was blessed to attend Amanda and James' Wedding .
I've known Amanda for a little under 20 yrs ,
and have been lucky enough to see her blossom into a
 beautiful, intelligent, confident , passionate, conscious young woman.
Now i know all brides are beautiful on their special day ,
 but Amanda was utterly breathtaking,
 and now i have some images of the day to play with.
Music played an important part throughout the day -
 James serenaded Amanda during the service,with an original piece he had written for her ,
 He also played at the reception,
 The cake had a musical theme.... i could go on and on...
So of course, a musical title was called for :)
but back to this gorgeous bride..
In the not to distant future,
I'm imagining her being handed a full scrapped album of her special wedding day ,
after i finish with these all these gorgeous images .
 Check out the detail on this black mass of rad mess. 
I found this placemat at Target (Australia), 
actually Paul found it when we were out and said it would be "cool to scrap on".
But i found a better use for it.
A bargin for only $3


  1. Lol about the placemat. I've got a couple sitting in the stash too. A lot chunkier than yours though. Still not sure what I'll do with them but will think of something one day! Love this layout! I read your words before I saw the page and was busting to know how your style would work with wedding pics. It worked perfectly! Of course!

  2. another vibrant masterpiece! i wish i could attend in your classes, i wish i had your courage in using colours


thanks ever so much for taking the time to share some love thru your words ..xx witchy