Friday, October 31, 2014

Fly Me to the Moon

Salutations Bloggers .
Seems so long between posts. 
Although the month has flashed by ,
I have been able to fit in a few pieces of arty scrapy goodness to keep me sane ,
 oh and a rad retreat as well.
but first lets go back to my last post and the Gauche Moon challenge.
*see the post below for the moodboard. 
Here is my spin on it .
A faux leather journal .
You can head on over to Gauche to check out the process of turning 
cardstock into a leather like paper product .woot 
Of course , brown doesn't float my boat, so I went with a black and white .

 another layout using a photo from camp mojo.
no need to explain, im sure you get who i am :) 

I seem to be creating so much more with mixed media , an outdoor painting area was needed.
This table is definitely getting a good workout atm.( thanks P.C.)

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