Monday, March 23, 2015

Scrap The Girls - fun with house paint

Scrap The Girls March
There is a sketch challenge over at STG this month,make sure you check it out .
I have pulled out a photo that must be 8 years plus old,the girls with their lifelong friend Taylah.
 I have some tester house paint pots that I love to use because the paint is so fluid, it drips and flows like no other medium .So after creating the background with a stencil, mists and a little gesso,
I have placed the photo down and covered the image with a piece of scrap paper, then using the back end of a small paint brush one drips the paint in a circular movement to create the circle.
 Drying in between colours is important for me ,because I want black and white not grey.
Have you tried using house paint in your layouts? or any other non tradional items.?

Be Brave, Go Get Arty

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