Saturday, May 2, 2015

South Pacific Sunset

Howdy Bloggers,
How's your day . I have just started back to work
after 3 weeks off to get arty and see a speck of the South Pacific.
So,of course,I have a few layouts to share over the next few days ... or weeks. :)
Today I am sharing these 2 pieces .
I love these Words Or Whatever -WOW Messy Frames. 
they come in a 3 pack in staggered sizes. Rectangle, Circles and Squares. 
Perfect for my messy work . 
I'm thinking I might have to get me some circle ones as well.
Not Your Everyday Destination, is based upon my recent trip to Noumea.
Cruising the South Pacific with the wonderful Rose from Scrap with Friends 
and her talented crew of creatives .
Sunset over New Caledonia
The layout below features 3 photos from the Melbournes Hosier Lane .
Oh What a joyful place of colourful creative energy it is.
For this layout I have used my fav new WOW stencil(im in overkill with this stencil atm),
 textured the cardstock,splashed a little ink around,
 then embossed a few scollops in different colours.
I've used the nesting shapes from the WOW messy frames,
to highlight the central photo, and a WOW world wood veneer. May as well get value for $.
I also carved a little stamp for fun and to give the piece a little street cred.
Go Get Arty People !


  1. so so cool.. love the bottom one.. the runs going up and then all the arrows.. woot woohoo..
    oh oh and the photos... what a special place.

  2. Your typical stunningly amazing self! Love them xo


thanks ever so much for taking the time to share some love thru your words ..xx witchy