Sunday, July 19, 2015

Arts Inc Norah Head Lighthouse Retreat July 2015

  Retreating again, In my favorite hometown location,Lucky Me.
With one incredibly talented muse.
Paula is a local girl,an art teacher,who lives abroad with her family and 
returns twice yearly to host art retreats at this beautiful location,
 on the New South Wales ,Central Coast .
For this retreat, I put on my cooks apron instead of my art apron and assisted the artisans with creative culinary fare. Of course in between courses I was playing in my art journal (evidence) and snapping the odd instagram pic /video -
but seriously, you really should check this Link out for a taste of Paulas work .
 She is incredibly inspiring and these retreats are class inclusive,
you bound away feeling recharged creatively,
having learnt new techniques and 
with piece of your own work(a sea inspired handmade art journal)
already with direction and flow,to continue working on.

The next ArtsInc. retreats are in December 2015.

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