Sunday, January 3, 2010

Abu Darbi to QLD via GoROCKon

A friend to help bring in the new year ,
she's been away for so long ,
i missed her super creavtive spirit
and I'm so happy to finally spend time with
my gorgeous cyber buddie Robyn
and her delightfully well travelled ,
beautifully manner children.
so for the last four days ,we've caught up and enjoyed
spending time keeping the kids entertained and
bringing in the new year .
for us it was a fabulous little swaray at
the norah head lighthouse ,hosted by
kimberly and carl.

gorgeous Miss Erin

my beautiful girls

spirited miss regan

ok so it seems strange not to be blogging with a daily pic,
and its been a while since ive actually taken some
yer yer ya say honestly.evy was over it ,
asti also so i just didnt bother .
150 days into yr 2 of the 365 day self portrait challnege .
but this year .im still striving for the perfect self portrait
so yep although it wont be the 365 challenge
you will still be subjected to my gorgeous self
miss chevey's got it going on

asti's got some 'tude now too
the kids have an absolute ball with each other
we loved having Robyn and her beautiful
kids here ,and can't wait to see them again
really soon .

i wish everyone a truely amazing year ahead.
make this year your best yet,strive for your goals
and set forth plans to reach your dreams.
today is the day to make your wishes a reality .!


  1. so pleased to see you back in cyber space and bloggerland chickie... have missed you HEAPS! Any portrait of you IS perfect! Happy 2010... may it bring you and yours health, happiness, colour, light, prosperity and creativity...

    have missed you, your photos, your family and your art!
    Great to see you back hun!
    Happy New year gorgeous!XXX

  3. Fabulous pics, Lisa!!
    I bet you had a ball with Rob!
    We caught up in good to see her back in Oz!

    Love the new blog...Have missed the old one and your newsy posts and artwork!
    Good to see you back, hun!!

    Chelle Xx


thanks ever so much for taking the time to share some love thru your words ..xx witchy