Thursday, January 14, 2010

sydney weekend

a weekend with mary poppins
so ive been to town this last weekend
and spend some time with mmary poppins
a tour thru the rocks,a ferry ride on the harbour
a lazer light show in Hyde Park, and to top it off
a super slick concert in the domain ,with the legendary
Reverand Al Green,penman of such classics as "sugar pie honey bun"
"lets stay together" and "my girl".......
it was a wonderful weekend to kick back and relax in my favourite city.
all before i started back to work this week ..yay i love my job ,
my work buddies and the gorgeous lil ones that come thru the door every day..
have you started back at work yet ?????
so ive been super slack as far as art ,and the last big item i made was this piece
so i thought i better actually put something up ,so this is it .....
oh i have made a few pages here and there and of course some
birthday and christmas presents ,
but there always last minute and never get photographed...
i hope to be little more vigilant this yr

have a wonderful summer folks
Lisa xx


  1. hey girlfriend! sooo good to see ur work again - i kinda missed it yunno! lol.... oh and btw u need to go to SM...i started the cj, reserved ur seat n all! tis up to you if u still wanna be in babe xxx luv ya!!

  2. ahhhhh that's better... got some witch-scrap fix! ;) LOVE IT AS EVER CHICKIE BABE! So gald you haven't lost that "old black magic" hey... OK, OK, I know... enough with the "old"!!!

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  4. just wanted to add... I hope Daddy has that shotgun at the ready! OMG your girls are getting just a wee bit TOO gorgeous! BUT of course it is no surprise that they would with a mother like they have! ;)

  5. Heeeeyyyyy!!!!! i found you! i was just checking in on your old blog, waiting for you to update (duh) i finally skyped tracey after a million years and she told me you had a new blog! hope you're well gorgeous - so i wasn't ignoring you - just a bit slow on the uptake ;)
    big hugs, mwah mwah, x don


thanks ever so much for taking the time to share some love thru your words ..xx witchy