Friday, August 17, 2012

Heelside feature.... Pat Ngoho

Pat Ngoho.....Skater- Artist- Nice Guy
Aint it amazing how Rad life is ...
A few months ago, when the weather was warmer and the breeze humid ,
i was blessed with an opportunity to shoot interview photos of 
Pat Ngoho _in Australia for the" love and guts art tour" and the Bondi Bowlarama _
 i'm feeling just a little chuffed to be able to share that
 i have 6 pages in the latest heelside magazine.
now i'm not a professional anything , and i'm not trying to be ,
but i have a little design knowledge and when 
editor Kurt asked me,after seeing my FB pix,
to do the Photos and Layout i was stoked .
any excuse to scrap my photos :):):)
so i have 
 2 pages contain MY photos of the Pat Ngoho interview and MY layout design.
(Kurt was happy with that double page & he asked me to do 4 pages more)
4 pages contain other peoples photos from Barcelona with MY layout design
(and not a scrap product list in sight ...oh yeah !!!)
so big thanks to Heelside magazine for letting this scrapper play in your pages :) x

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