Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Skater man turns 50

 These 2 rad kids are so in my good books.
Their Dad turned 50 a few weeks ago , and without me doing anything
except buying the cake and booking a bbq venue ,these 2 organized the most awesome 
weekend, their dear old dad could ask for ..
sat evening car park event one , 
bought out, to the cool winters nite some 60 riders ,
who raced down the 6 level carpark.some dressed in their finest st vinnies disco attire 
.there were winners and freaking radical prizes
a totally wonderful night 
 event two
a 50 cone slalom event 
Paul ,happy to make the final 3 had a wonderful day 
and im sure by all who attended .

 we couldnt have asked for a better weekend 
perfect weather , great freinds , and one very happy 50 year old 

Thanks Girls , you did an amazing job xx

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