Thursday, June 20, 2013

Happy ME

ohhh I'm Stoked,
Work has been a little stressful due to accreditation looming,
but Yesterday we scored an A ..woot woot
so Today and for the next 3 days its full creative time.
heading to the lighthouse tomorrow for an art retreat ..
so I'm super pumped for a wonderful weekend of messy fun.
today was a little cold, perfect because i had an early start at my craft table .


  1. You totally blow me away with your beautiful creations!

  2. Oh wow how awesome are these!!!!?!?!!!! Totally stunning! Wow!!!

  3. Love how you use all that beautiful vibrant colour!! LOVE!!!! :)
    Enjoy your weekend. XX

  4. One word Lisa, FABULOUS. Such awesome use of colour. Love everything about these. Cheers Di

  5. I love your artwork! Your awesome with your creativity! Glad I happened upon your blog! Really one of my favorites now! I've gain so much inspiration from your work. I have older kids that are into things like Rap music and Rock music and your work has given me ideas on how to approach my Sons pics for scrapbooking and adding the mixed media with it. My one son also does graffiti art and I was stuck on how to put it into his pics....Thanks for your work and the inspiration! Have a great day!


thanks ever so much for taking the time to share some love thru your words ..xx witchy