Saturday, June 8, 2013

photo organization , yeah right

 I'm hopeless at keeping my photos in order,
seriously bad, i have packets and packets of mixed photo
thank heavens for FB photo albums and dated albums .
this weekend i've been flicking thru different photos
selecting random pix to scrap.
i've also been working in my new snap book..
after seeing Jen Halls project life work ..hmmm i'm sorta kinda hooked 
its an awesome way to get photos into creative order..
use up lots of pix at a time and
without all the work of a full layout .
so here is what's been over my desk in the last two days .
i was going to stick Dina, Lou and I in the frame ,
 but i really wanted my words
 to be as important 
as the pix

i adore this photo from camp mojo

i love this beautiful woman
i champion her creative talent 
i rejoice in her friendship


  1. Your passion and love for your friends, family and life can clearly be seen in your work, it's undeniably inspiring to all. I love it!!!

  2. freaking amazing color and technique... in awe yet again

  3. Hello, Lisa! I like all your works! So passionate, so emotional! Well done! You inspire me!)


thanks ever so much for taking the time to share some love thru your words ..xx witchy