Wednesday, September 4, 2013

WooHooo WW1

 I'm in a bit of a Zombie state atm
Day 11 of a 17 day work roster..
Today i came home from work an hr early and slept.. my body is exhausted 
Yawn ...6 days to go so early nights are on the cards..
I have some SUPER scrappy news,
 some i can share , some i cant ...just yet ...:)
Its going to be a big year of scrapping ahead.
* I am super excited to be joining the WHITE WITH 1 ,
 spring / summer creative team starting in Oct..
I think it will be a fun challenge for me,to try and stick to one colour 
A few days ago i got a couple of hours at my art table ,
I bashed these 2 out , using backgrounds from my class at the LSBS Retreat..
loving these new 3rd eye stamps 

 and again , 3rd eye stamps.. ♥ them

 Yawn .. i think i need to head back to bed..5.15 am wake ups suck


  1. Great news! Congratulations about WW1!

  2. HI.. Thanks so much for coming by my blog, I appreciate your comments too.. so good to see your vibrant amazing layouts on this post.. stunning color and gorgeously creative.. and well done on your WW1 gig, for a minute I thought you were going to say you are a master.... hehe!!


thanks ever so much for taking the time to share some love thru your words ..xx witchy