Tuesday, November 12, 2013

art journalling

I'm having a creative delemia of sorts.
where once layouts consumed my creative thoughts, 
of late, Art journalling has taken over my creative thoughts instead .
Not good for the mass of deadlines atm..
Oh Art Jounalling, I'm simply loving the process . (thanks Paula).
hmmm ,the journalling thing is still a little issue , firstly because I HATE Cliches, omg, 
so many over used,over abused statements floating around.
so picking the right words is important ,But ,I'm proud to say,
 I have completed a couple of pages with journalling , but no photographs as yet .

 I had a very creative time this week and was drawn towards some of my art journalling items 
to incorporate into my scrapbooking pages.. here a little example. .

Peace Love and Mojo People xx


  1. Whoa Lisa you are on a roll! Amazing creativity!

  2. Love this art journalpages. I know how it feels, it happens to me also right now. Love my art journalpages so much...layouts are not done enough and all the time last minute LO for the design teams. About the journaling...I have the same problem...in the start I bought all those titels , omg I hate them so much now. The same for birdhouses, dressforms, etc etc. I think I cut them in pieces and use them to create texture. It is difficult to make something without cliches. What about the art journal girls (you quilty :) )and birds... and butterflys, omg butterflys all around. But than again, I use them also sometimes, so quilty here too . It is hard to affoid cliches in scrapping and art journal world.. ritual tools is a great page, love it!! Have a nice day xoxo

  3. WOW!!! Those art journalling pages are just eye candy!! And so you! I love the flowers, did you paint them yourself? You are just so talented Lisa, I love it!! You will have to make it to E2C one of these years. I know it's a long way, but you would love our part of the world!! xxx


thanks ever so much for taking the time to share some love thru your words ..xx witchy