Saturday, August 2, 2014

Gauche Gets their Frida On

I'm excited , Gauche Alchemy have been bitten by the challenge bug , 
and to celebrate a new chapter at the Gauche Alchemy Blog site 
they have a rad challenge for all artist out their in cyber world.
Mood Board and Inspiration from Frida Kahlo.
I took my inspiration from the beautiful colour palette then
played with some acrylics and a bold silhouette,sprayed a little background ,
and then added some lush beauty using GA Lace,
 and then found a swag of bounty in the GA colour kits .

I have titled this " I FRIDA "
 I- I give myself 
F- freedom to explore 
R-Release Creativity
I-Imagine anything 
D-Dive into colour 
A-Art that represents me 

 score with the sugar skull material 
Don't forget to pop over to the Gauche Alchemy Blog 
and check out the inspiration from the other Alchemists .
I mean , who doesn't want to get their Frida on ?

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