Sunday, August 31, 2014

Never stop.....

 Never stop having fun,creating,playing and enjoying what we are lucky enough to have in our lives .
At the moment I'm having fun playing with crafty goodness at my scrap table and 
loving these photos from Camp Mojo's 80's night festivities .
So when the theme was set as 80's for the Saturday night dress up(joining in is optional), I was at two minds as to what to dress as. So i thought about the 80's and what I was doing then and boy I just loved my rollerskates. I loved Xanadu as well and who didn't want to dress up as Olivia and be a rollerskating Muse.
So Paul , refitted my original skates with some retro original wheels I scored on FB for $10, I searched my wardrobe for a white dress, found a knitted holey jumper(remember them from the 80's), chopped up some socks as legwarmers and to finish the ensemble a braid for my head . I was in the moment , especially with the tunes of Xanadu blaring ..oh it was so much fun.
 Big shout out to Kylie , my rollerskating buddie,
whom I thought was Olivia also,al la" lets get Physical",
 but after clarification was actually the coke/pepsi girl from the 80s ads.
 She nailed it, love her get up and she is rad on her wheels too. 
So many great costumes and "appearances".
The Flash Mob is no becoming an annual thing.
I really love the happiness and laughter this brings to the retreat. 

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