Wednesday, February 3, 2010

four birthdays a gig and a make over !

a huge happy birthday for our gorgeous
eldest child miss evangeline
turning thirteen yesterday
she is a creative soul,fashion concious ,
a born performer and a quick thinker
so misschevy
enjoy your teen yrs and go easy on your parents
she's right into drawing manga atm
this was a cool addition to her present booty
another birthday girl
this one, my buddie pam
happy birthday girlie
we enjoyed the pleasure of
Pam and Robs perfect
hospitaliy on saturday

love this pic of harry and jack in total

malcome in the middle mode

another outting
{its been a busy few days }
this one was a must and lucky i didnt
have to miss a workout to go ..yay_thanks laurie !
so anyway my all time fav live band of the late 80's early 90's
were V SPY V SPY
and i know even though there is
only one remaining original member
they sound pretty good.,
maybe its just my
maka "know it will never be spys without blox and cliffy"
belated australia day cheer folks
as u can see boo boo got forced into patriotism
the girls need no forcing
we attended a triple J
hottest 100 pool party
-one funny anecdote of the day
as we were laying outside under the trees.
a ute drove past
with a full blow up pool in the back
water cascading out the back..driver with a broad smile
and 2 guys and a girl in the pool enjoying australia day
in one very aussie way
he did laps of the block;what a classic

today the kids and paul went to sydney to visit our gorgeous jess
who is in her final 2 months of her hair apprentiship(sp?)
at the sydney hair and design college
(jessie won a $14,000 dollar scholarship)
a 2 weeks ago i went for a bit of a hair make over,
today it was the families turn
asti ,whose hair is dead straight ,had the taylor swift make over
lol ,she looks adoreable and curls are what she has dreamed about for ages
amazing that she has none ...with this gene pool
.well she does now ,:).great job jess
birthday love for my Mum ,who celebrated on jan 27th
and my gorgeous friend Lanae,who also celebrated her special day on the 29th
congratulations and celebrations
thanks for dropping by
and thanks for your love and comments

health and happiness folks

xxxxx Lisa

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  1. hello gorgeous - so good to be hearing fom you again - my life was always missing something without your posts - lol!!! you and the girls look fabulous - me thinks 2010 will be a great year for you :)

    xxx don


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