Monday, February 8, 2010

a few layouts, big hair and teenage angst

Finally a little art to share
and while its not great at last its a start.
not before this classic shot taken a few weeks ago..
it only took miss evy a full 13 years to get the family hair..
of course she is a ghb junkie like the rest of us
"its the classic hair bear bunch pic"dont ya think?b

finally a few fun pieces to get me back into the swing of thing

miss evy or misschevy is full of gusto and teen angst,
,its like bang .13 means attitude plus .grrrrr to the growing frustrated yrs
me on the other hand
have little time for stress and frustration
life is too short

have a great week folks >xxx


  1. love to see you working again!! I've 4 more days with my man :0( but at least I'm working now so that will help pass the time... Will have to organize you a trip to Brissy this year. Miss YA!

  2. So YAY!! Stoked that you are back, missed your blogging muchly and snippets into your life! It's made my day to know you are blogging again!! xxxxxx

  3. SOOO glad you're back Lisa!! :D
    Love your stuff! <3
    P.S I too have a new blog ;)


thanks ever so much for taking the time to share some love thru your words ..xx witchy