Sunday, February 28, 2010

one head cold
a crop with scrapgoddess,
4 bondi lifeguards
and photos by the lake
ive been flat out this week,running here and there with
kids and sport,working full time ,trying to keep a heathly positive outlook
all with a nasty infection on my chest ..grrrrrr
the life of a mother right ?!
this weekend asti's had a basketball thing /both days.
playing teams from tamworth/newcastle/maitland and other here on the coast.
next weekend we r off to newcastle for the start of the rep season.
she is so excited to be involved,ever so humble our asti....
evy on the other hand doesnt do sport_
even though she has taken to my training sessions
she isnt into team competitions ,just some skateboarding-her bellydancing
and exercising thru the obstacle course that is her
lucky me ran into 4 bondi lifeguards on friday night
i was collecting astrid from a disco for Bridies brithday
and on the way out i spotted Maxi_he is so cheeky dont ya think?
so anyway as we approached and we started chatting
low and behold there are 4 of them..yum yum
!..heheheh made my week thats for sure
i have been playing with the new adobe program
and trying to get some grasp of the editing tools .
evy and i took some pics this afternoon
she's into the whole myspace thing and as u all know
the kids today just love taking pics of themselves and sharing
or maybe its just genetic
love this one !

alert !
ive been scrapping ...
and out to a crop !
its been a while ,but with the help of my trusty head phones
and the funky sounds of the chill out sessions
i was able to complete 4 pages
hey i only had 4 hours ...heres the results

this is my favourite shot of the day.
.i just love the whimsy in the shot and of her leaping
for the joy of living !

have a great week folks .
here's my mantra for the week !
we are shaped by our thoughts ; we become what we think;
when the mind is pure,
joy follows ,like a shadow that never leaves .


  1. love the shots - love the art - oh and the mantra - well its good to live it.... chat soon.

  2. Beautiful babe xx love them photos too :)

  3. Beautiful work and love your editing...... Am heading to Sydney for a wedding at the end of April maybe I can swing by 4 lunch or something..Hugz

  4. yummo... as ever... and I sooooooo needed that mantra... THANK YOU a million times over.

  5. wow those layouts sre stunning honey

  6. Looking good, love it when u work with paint!
    I hope you feel better soon, nothing worse than being sick, and running around like chook with it's head chopped off!

  7. Yay...she's back!!!!
    Fabulos to see your artwork again..I've missed it!
    Loving those new pics. Just gorgeous!

    Chelle Xx

  8. Welcome back!! It's so good to 'see' you! LOVE your banner photo...thin and gorgeous!!

    on an older post you talked about teen angst...OMG you are so right about the instant attitude at is up with that?? Surely I wasn't maybe a little LOL!
    HUGS babe!!

  9. Great to see you scrapping again! gorgeous work as always

    luv tanXx

  10. Love your 'matra' Lisa... I think I will be your newest stalker!! LOL
    Keep it up Ms Inspiration!! :-)


thanks ever so much for taking the time to share some love thru your words ..xx witchy