Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Tribute to My Queen

 Sadly in the last weeks, My family lost an important loving member, My beautiful grandmother.
My brother asked me to pen a few words for the service and today, after laying to rest my dear Nanna yesterday, I am sharing those words and a few images as a tribute to my biggest inspiration.

Joyce Valerie Oxley 
21st September 1922- 16th January 2020

I have an internal glow when I think of the love I have for my Nan. A Queen within my heart and mind.  She is a woman who shaped my sense of being.

Queen of Quality - in her style and presence, in her words and actions, she appeared to me almost regal. Although quiet and not one to want to be the centre of attention, she was a warm-hearted lady who always made one feel welcome.

Queen of Uniqueness- with a cultured adventurous outlook, I was fascinated by her living in inner city Surry Hills. For me, a child who grew up next to the sea, traveling to “the BIG SMOKE” was always a much-anticipated experience. The smells of the city, the variety of nationalities and the culture from which they came was before us, the city scape, colour and movement. Nan and Pop where instrumental in introducing me to the vibrancy and excitement that the city offered. A particularly helpful tip was her ability to shoo away beggars, with a hand up and a firm “No…….NO” as we would be negotiated around and through the highly populated city streets.
Queen of Elegance– always elegant with a smart and colourful sense of style. Matching suits-bags and shoes, weekly hair appointments and a valued businesswoman, yet on top of all this, she was easy going, nothing was ever a problem. She was an incredible role model of great value to my sense of self.

Queen of Exotic - I held pure enchantment within me as Nan would recount stories of adventures to exotic locations all around the world. The regular holidays during the decade of the Pan Am 70’s would often include sharing trinkets and treats with both Micheal and I from far off destinations. I do have some favourite dolls that I hold extra special affection for. Tipitay from Alaska and the glorious Spanish flamenco dancer will forever be my favourites, for their exotic costumes and cultural beauty.

My Nan. My Queen, who raced both Micheal and I through the Royal Easter Show, to “avoid the crowds” , who would take us on day trips around the city to share its beauty and fun. Ice skating at Macquarie rink, Movies and Pancakes in George street, Ferry rides to Manly with ice cream on the peer. Meeting “halfway” for dinners in China town when I was living in Ultimo. Rummaging through the tables at Victoria’s Basement in the QVB for the nicest tablecloths we could find. I will hold these memories as treasured times and the happiest of experiences.

My Nan, My connection to my Dad, whom we lost so early. Her hugs were not only from her, but from him. There would never have been enough hugs, never enough time to share together. Her stories of Robert as a cheeky child and an enthusiastic young man, helped my heart deal with his absence.
She was there, when I needed a place to crash after a last night gig or when Tafe training ran late. She was there at Sydney airport with beaming excitement and absolute knowing, as I said goodbye to Australia to live abroad. The joy she had for travel absolutely enriched my passion for foreign ports. She was there to share the joy of all her Great Grandchildren. To watch their important milestones as they were ticked off.  She was there to hold your hand, to share morning tea with fine china and sweet treats.

My Nan, in later times was forever an incredible inspiration. Still sharp and mobile even after her recovery from her accident in her early 90’s.  Our lunch dates to the her local pub The Shakespeare would see her negotiating the uneven brickwork of the aging footpaths around John Northcott place and years of roadwork due to the light rail instillation in Devonshire street, the splayed out comatose alcoholics, homeless folk with full bedroom setups and paranoid addicts asking for change;  skillfully without fuss or complaint.
As a child when I was asked who I was like in my family, I always proudly proclaimed “my Nanna Oxley”, as she was always smiling a happy smile and was a happy lady, despite the sadness that she endured during her life.  She was strong of nature, a hard worker and proud of her family and their amazing achievements. Plus we also shared the same haircut for many years, which at the time was questionably funny because of our age difference and the fact that mine was natural and she went weekly to achieve the desired look.

I carry a piece of her every day and will remember always the importance and beauty of the Queen of my family.

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Learning Curve

Playing around with recording videos Not using hyperlapse.
A big learning curve for this old girl, but one day at a time.
This is day 2.
I think I need to maybe purchase a program,any suggestions are welcome.

Thanks for dropping in.

Lisa xx

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Join LIFE BOOK 2020

Here we go, After enjoying the Free Lifebook summit for 3 whole weeks, 
the countdown has begun for January 1st and the commencement of  Lifebook 2020.

LIFE BOOK, how much can I thank you for the creative boost you provided me when I was gifted the course by the super talented friend .. I do not have the words to share with you just how much creative growth I personally developed during the 2015.
 But I will try..

LIFE BOOK is a year long creative and wellness course that offers you over 80 lessons and gifts throughout the year to inspire your creative journey.
It educated, empowered and validated my own journey and since then, I have approached my art as a wonderful gift to myself.
And now, 4 years later, I have been asked to teach, share and hopefully inspire others, just like I was during 2015.

I am so incredibly grateful and excited to share my style of arty goodness with the amazing community of creatives, both new and students who return yearly for this incredible creative gift.

If you join before January 1st 2020, you save 20%, which is an incredible bargain for the 80 plus classes you will receive next year directly to your email, complete with a full in depth lesson and a PDF to correspond with each particular class. One can learn and create at your leisure.
to Join LIFE BOOK 2020 and Quote LOVEBOMB2020 to get 20% off

Just because you made to trip to my blog, here's a quick video as a reward.

 a hyper video from my 2019 #100dayproject

Thanks for dropping .
Lisa xx

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Life Book Creativity and Wellness Summit- The Count Down is on.

Hello Creative Happy Days Ahead.

Big News in my world is that this inspirational human asked me to join with her and so many uber fabulous creative people for Life book 2020.. Yeah, I am super happy and to make it even more incredible the Life book team have created a Creativity and Wellness Summit to get to know the artists and share free classes and activities for the two weeks prior to Life Book 2020 registration.
The Life Book Creativity and Wellness Summit runs from 16th-30th September.
and you can find information here.

Ill be back very soon with some more Lifebook Summit goodness.
Lisa x

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Art Journal Q & A.

Howdy Folks , Lisa here.

                                           Today I am sharing with you a little Q & A.
Over the last 100 plus days I have been asked a plethora of questions regarding supplies ect.
So I am taking this opportunity to answer questions while I run through a list of essential art journaling tools. 

What Journal do you use ?
I use a selection of Journals in sizes and shapes. I prefer a journal that doesn't have a spiral spine, although some journals on the market offer these with wonderful paper. One would be looking for paper weight higher than 180gsm up to 300gsm. The reason I prefer I standard book with out the spiral, is my preference for completing a double page spread. 
The Dylusions Journals are a wonderful to create in, the paper is designed specifically for the Dylusions range of Paints and Inks.
The Dina Wakley Media Journal is a journal for the more confident art journalist.
It has four substrates to create upon.
Burlap, Canvas, Kraft Paper and Cotton Rag Watercolor paper.
I have just completed a Jane Davenport Journal. Its paper weight was beautiful and it is pages white. 
I have a couple of other leather bound handmade papers, which I really just use for sketching as the paper doesn't hold up to my harsh use of wet mediums.

What Paint do you use?
As I use the above mentioned journals, I also use the corresponding products, that assist my flow. 
Dylusions Paints have the vibrancy and application abilities that seem to work beautifully on my pages.. seriously lush colours, for me the bubblegum pink is the bomb!
Dina Wakley Media Paint is also my go to paint. the little bottle are super to pack for retreats and easy to store. the colours are gorgeous. super range of inks, pens, sprays and paints.
For canvases, I use Matisse and Golden paints

Do you gesso your pages first?
Ok, this is a firm no from me. And this is the simple reason..
When I  first started using mixed media mediums,I was addicted to inks.
For me, whose work is all about vibrancy and colour, I found that the gesso, which contains chalk, dulls the ink colours that I was working with.
And as I still use inks sometimes, I never gesso my pages.
Most people do, I personally do not.

Where did you get that stencils from?
Oh the stencil question.
Here is the thing. I rarely, if ever buy stencils online.
I love the adventure that comes with visiting a local art or scrapbooking shop.
Scrapbooking stores have an incredible array of stencils, and for me, I never really leave a store without one. My collection is vast  after collection for over 10 years and its a wonderful multi use way to add detail and textures to your pages.
Of course you can buy online, the world opens up to us all now..
my favorite stencils come from

The Crafters Workshop
Kinder Kreations 
Flutterby Designs
Dina Wakley Media 
Stencil Girl
Darkroom Door
Donna Downey Studios
Stencil 1

How long does it take for you to complete a page?
I have a super busy, mind consuming and physically exhausting job as a Head Chef.
When I create, I don't want to fuss over the page at all or waste time.
I want to create for fun, for myself, and get something completed.
My usual page takes between 25 to 45 mins.

As a beginner, what do I need to start?
I have complied a basic list of elements I use to create within my art journal.
Every artist is different and uses different elements.
This is just what i use to create

My Art Journal Beginners List 

1. A journal designed for Mixed media work.
Yes,you can work in a up cycled atlas or children's' books,
 but the quality of the paper may not be as forgiving as a journal; 
specifically made for wet mediums.

2. Paints, Inks, messy mediums.
This is the fun stuff, get you inspired and helps your flow.

3. Stencils 
To add details, textures,patterns and focal points onto your pages.

4. Papers
I use music sheets, novel pages, atlas maps, tissue papers, gel plate prints, stickers, washi tapes.
Add these to your pages, for interesting layers and textural details .

5. Stamps 
We all have so many,grab them out and work them into every page you create.
 An easy way to add text or images onto you work.
I use black Staz on ink, which is permanent and won't reactivate when adding other wet elements. 

6. Hand Drawn Elements 
Never underestimate the power within your own hand.
Drawing your own images, detailing your stencil elements,
 handwriting thoughts or passions and making marks.
I use a black fudeball pen, poscas, neocolours11,
 scribble sticks,primsacolours,sharpies.....
Whatever I can find to imprint my own mark upon the page.

7. Magazine Images 
To add to use as focal points or layered elements for collage pieces. 

8. Elements that represent you.
We are all so unique and individual, its time to celebrate that within your own pages.
If you look at my arty pages and the messages I create within my journal you would get a sense of just who I am as a person. I am bold, colourful and happy. I wonder does this transfer to the viewer.
In the end I create for me, for this is my creative journey, and unique to me.  

Basic Product list 

(I use this around most of my focal points to add a depth shadow)
Magazines and highly colour saturated books.

Lisa xx

Thursday, July 19, 2018

A New Gig

Howdy Folks, I am back, with big news.
 If you haven't been following my Instagram or Facebook,
 you may have missed the TCW 2018-2019 DT announcement.
Wooooot to me!
Of all the mixed media products in my stash, my The Crafters Workshop collection, 
would have to be my most used and beloved tools.
I am super excited to be joining the team and playing with new 2018 summer releases.
While I patiently wait, I'm sharing a few older pieces I have created using TCW stencils.

Thanks for dropping by. 
Lisa xx

Friday, June 1, 2018

I must Not neglect my Blog..Repeat

Sharing a few pieces from my #100DayProject.
Just the 1st couple of weeks, and to add a little life to this site ,
 which really needs a little love and attention.
All pieces have corresponding hyper lapse videos, if you want to check them out,
go over to You Tube and find my name. 


Thanks for popping in.
Lisa xx

Saturday, October 21, 2017

I am Addicted to Collage Art

I am having so much fun cutting and pasting magazines and some of my pre-loved well read books and turning them into something colourful and arty.
Sharing just a few details and pieces today.

Thanks for dropping by.
Lisa x

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Circle Journal swap x 2

Back today- yep its been a while -sharing the final 2 pieces completed for the Scrapping Clearly circle journal swap- a handmade paper bag album.
I love creating for others and I try very hard to put a little art and soul into every piece that crosses my desk . Each journal was a different theme and these 2 were perfect to finish on, as they are particularly awesome themes, with so many options to choose from its just to hard to decide on one.
Nirvana won.

 Your Fave Artist
 My choice was Del Kathryn Barton

Big love to those who actually drop by this blog 
on the off chance something new has been uploaded xx

Friday, August 11, 2017

ITAC 2017

A world of creative fun is coming your way..
 follow the link
 I am excited ....
One day to go.

Lisa x