Monday, June 29, 2015

Instagram inspiration

I love Instagram for the artistic inspiration it provides and
 I adore all the incredible artists of the world who share their passion and love 
through the wonderful medium of Photography.
I am not a big one for standard challenges,
so its rad when you are floating through your feed and 
come across something that really inspires you
 to get to your art space and create something asap. 
This piece below is inspired by the amazing Irina Teeshoom and 
in particular, this gorgeous piece of layered arty goodness here .

Another Inspiring Instagram Artist is the Amazing Tracy Scott,
  here is her Instagram page,
 her Facebook page here .
I absolutely love the colourful bold fun naive creative approach that she uses.
She is pure inspiration for me,and creating a page scraplifting her "creative style" was so much fun.
I will definitely be playing with her technique again.
who is inspiring you atm ??

Thursday, June 11, 2015