Friday, August 30, 2013


LSBS Retreat 2013
yep Another retreat .
this one is a bit special , because its the final retreat with Cath as owner :(:(
and sharing a few precious days with my wonderful friend Zane , 
doubled its specialness(is that word ?)
spell check says no lol...
but i digress , spending time with friends from previous years and 
getting to know new scrap sistas' is always a bonus for me ..because i'm a people person .
Plus sharing my passion of happy scrappin-my sort of scrappin- whilst doing a freestyle class, 
another added arty bonus. 
I did unfortunately have to leave a day early.
Due to my work commitments and beginning a 18 day straight work block .
i'm at day 6 today ....only 12 to go ..
not much scrapping time ahead , but today the table is clear and i need a little arty release .

A canvas for Cath , hostess and friend xx
 a few layouts for special people xx
Two layouts for the ammmmmmmmmazing Leonie 

 My table buddies... Moi , Angela ,Julie , Cath and Zane .
A layout for the very lovely Tracey Hall Coombes
  this ones for my fabulous roomie from Camp Mojo Marelle , mwah x
My beautiful friend , always enlightened ,so awesome to touch base again through our combined passion , and so glad you found your freestyle this weekend , i love you xx
 love from my secret squirrel 
 Huge heartfelt love to my Secret Squirrel , who ,from the stash i received ,
 knows me ,and exactly what i Love to work with . so much for the $20.00 limit..
super generous with 2 awesome templates, 12x12 transparency ,
orange flowers white flowers washi galore chippy with damask and skater themes ,
 an awesome pack of embellies and more, oh i was stoked,
 and all wrapped in a rainbow of coloured tissue paper sighhhhhh.
 feeling loved xxx Love to you my friend xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

and my 2nd last layout was for Zane , her amazing raw food meals ..made for happy pages .
last page was for the wonderful Michelle Lark ..a longtime friend and possibly
 the most awesome not so secret squirrel ever !!!!!!!
I did NO LAYOUTS FOR MYSELF at this retreat  ..
My scrappin Karma must GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD !

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Camp Mojo 
Hunter Valley Scrapbooking Retreat 2013
Catching up with arty friends, 
creating textural layouts that tell stories..
hmmmm a little bliss 30 mins from home,
very excited to be teaching there next year .:)
big love to Sherry for putting it all together 
Now some pix...:)
a layout created in Louise's class :) xx
i just loved the embossing technique 
 im feeling a little extra special getting a layout from Ebony 
 now a few from me 
one for sherry

this is for peg

one more for sherry
hows your mojo flowing ?

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Too Many Photos

I need some new photos,
Weird, because i have boxes of pix ready to go .
But new pix......oh how they inspire the scrapper .
Three retreats coming up over the next month
(yes, totally self indulgent of me )
and nothing new, cause i havent had my camera out , 
with work and kids who now take their own pic i don't have anything fresh.
Best i been hauling thru the boxes of photos 
to find some inspiration to take away with me. 
or i'll be on the hunt for other peoples pix to scrap

 this pix is almost 3 yrs old, i don't think i had scrapped it before 
 oh i just love the life in this photo
 Two of the worlds' top downhill skaters prior to racing .
friendship / sportsmanship rolled into one 
 speaking of other peoples photos
i have an old friend who works as a paparazzi
He shoots everything from mega movie stars like Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman 
whenever they are in town, fashion week, and touring rockers and music events
.Sometimes he shares some of his shots with me , 
a few months ago he sent me some pix of the Stone Music Festival in Sydney.
Van Halen, Aerosmith , ... and these pix from a band called BuckCherry..
just on the quiet , this independant music lover has NO idea who they are,
 but hmmm to these awesome shots of Josh Todd.
definitely scrapable shots ...Thanks Maka xx

Thursday, August 1, 2013

camp mojo countdown

14 days and counting 
this is probably my last block of creative time before camp mojo.
work will be flat out , so i've been glued to my table for the last day 
Here is was came from that time :) :) 

 i had fun :)