Thursday, May 30, 2013

watercolour paper in 30x30 ..anyone?

 Awwww my baby took a massive spill
there is a video of her crash but i dont want to see it...
this photo is bad enough
poor asti :(

hmmm this is a piece for a overdue circle journal .
the theme of the journal "Grief and Loss"
the owner should finally be getting her journal today
i feel blessed to be able to create in her beautiful journal
 my beautiful girls 
 i went out recently and purchased a large sheet of watercolour paper 
came home and cut two 30cmx30cm out of the expensive sheet and
started a layout ...omg how awesome is watercolour paper with inks ?such vivid the colour .
I'm wondering if anyone knows if there is a scrapbooking company
 that sells 30x30 watercolour sheets ,
because i could be tempted to use nothing else  !

Saturday, May 25, 2013

3 layouts, one commission

 3 layouts for fun

a few pieces for Donna to give to her cousin whilst here in OZ.
Its fun to know that my work makes it way around the world.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

a layout for me

Baby Chayse
This ones for me, after making a full album of layouts for mummy Madison.
I didn't really scrap many photos of my children as newborns ,
so i can't help but scrap photos i've snapped of baby chayse ,over and over again.
absolutely love this prima mask
such gorgeous detail.
happy scrappin bloggers

Friday, May 10, 2013

Dina Wakely

Yipppe Dina came to town .
im so lucky to live on the coast ,
 awesome Tracey Shenton at Pages2scrap
seems to secure the most fantastic artistic talent from around the globe .
AHHHHH Dina , you so rock .

 and a few days with Lou, is great for my soul

SFS summerland point retreat 2013

I've been blessed again. 
Spending time with wonderful creative souls at a retreat .
Super close to me , so it makes it even more inviting , and look at the glorious view .
A special place to create and enjoy the beauty of the area .
Shared by peeps passionate about photos and paper and getting messy( in a painty sort of way).
Big shout out to Peta from SFS for inviting me to share my love of colour and paint mediums 
in a freestyle outdoor class. i'm blown away by how quickly the ladies took to rich lush colours and experimented with different backgrounds .it was a feast for my eyes and heART.
Here is are a few of the pieces i created this weekend 
hmmmm then i give them away 
this one is for the beautiful Tash
i always love to get my hands on a nice couple photo
this heart works in so many ways

this ones for Bev ...
these ladies work their buttts off cooking the most delicious 
food for us all weekend , so their scraptime is limited..
i always love to do a quick page for them to show 
how appreciative i am of their efforts 
for bevs album for her daughter
 and this ones for Nat

outdoor arty classes are fun
amazing lush work created from the class
cant wait for next year