Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Northern Beaches Retreat :)
lots of laughs 
lots of fun
lots to scrap
Big love to all the inspiring ladies x

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

lost mojo

Working 21 days with only 3 days off during that time,
 hasn't allowed me much creative time.
and i was feeling a little mojo lost,
blog hopping didn't inspire me so much ,so
with a big 2 days off in a row i spent the first day cleaning the house -
and my scrap table -
and day two organizing for our impending trip to Qld ,
and scrapping just for me,for fun.
This is what evolved from my table .

Dawn at Soldiers

 This is Carla, she lives in the center of Canada.
(no beautiful beaches)
She is in Oz visiting her sister who lives near me .
We share a mutual friend,whom i photographed in march last year .
Carla saw Samantha's photos and a few tx messages later this shoot was booked.
Im Incredibly happy with the images i snapped,
this spot, at this time of day produces the most glorious colour splay.
Big Love to My incredibly flexible subject,who has been doing yoga for only one year.
I had to share some of the photos, 
cause i think they are some of the most beautiful images i've ever snapped