Saturday, July 30, 2011

paper is enough to hold hearts together

Camp Mojo July 21st-24th

Its been almost a year in the planning for me ,and longer for many others.

I was super blessed to be a a part of a retreat weekend,(make that 4 days 3 nights) ,

dedicated to scrap art and bringing together a collection

of super creative spirits with a love for

Paper ,Photos ,(and paint for me )

it was fab to be around all such amazingly creative ppl,

from Australia wide..i couldnt help but feed off the inspiration floating around the room
heres a few lil babies created and nurtured over the weekend ,

Always needing a lil something to get it flowing ,i tackled one of the many challenges

this challenge was orange teal white and brown ♥
happy was this lil camper who won a major stash of Scrapware Bootie ..yay

ohhhh this was like my favourite challenge of the weekend

recycled scrappin. # i went to the spray table and

*swiped the page of butchers paper-how awesome is the spray job-thanks mojo-ers
*headed to the sewing room and taxed the practise swatch

*scabbed the transparency outta the bin...

and a big thannks to the gorgeous lady in the photo with me ..miss Jo,

who whipped up that gorgeous blue flower to match her blossom in the photo

_at just a moments notice ....hugs to YOU girlfriend ...

and how about this piece to tweek your interest ?

one of my creative highlights from the weekend

was jumping in on the wonderful Sherry Mendoza's

fantasic know i love bold & brights ..right ??

and while we r on brights

and one for my third child

I would like to thank the incredible Lynette Van Barrelo

from My Lens and Me Photography for fitting me into her very busy

weekend of shooting happy campers.....

i absolutely Love this pic xxxx.Thanks Lynette

*disclaimer---i want to share every one of the 400 or so pics from the weekend

but lets get real its not going to happen...

but just cause u may not be here .

.doesnt mean i dont love you :)

awesome to meet some incredible new spirits

and some longtime friends

and catching up with ppl you have known for almost 6 years

and finally hearing their voice and hanging out with them..what an absolute blast and being around the ppl who have inspired you ,shared your passion,

who know you and your family,who are connected ,even if only via the web,,to finally sit down and share laughter and tears of joy,share a song and a drink and dream that maybe ,oneday,

we can do it all over again,with all those who missed it the first time around..

be inspired and believe that paper is enough to hold hearts together