Thursday, June 9, 2011

random update

miss Chevie shreding in the backyard

one of the advantages of having ramps in the backyard,

is that when u tell your kids to do something constructive,

this is what usually happens

girl with 'tude

heres one of the canvases i have made since Nathalies class.

love that masking technique

a class with Nathalie Kalbach

aint it awesome to be creatively inspired ...

well i was in a BIG way when i was blessed to pick up a class with miss Nathalie Kalbach..

direct from Germany and a little powerhouse of artist knowledge and ablility ...

gotta tell ya i was so excited for this one....

so it was a canvas class,learning an interesting masking technique with gesso..

have to tell ya ...since this class ive made about 6 canvases with this tech.and they have such gorgeous depth that u cant help but want to make another asap.:)

enough of that..heres the pics

big thanks to the gorgeous Jen Hall for snapping these on my camera

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Toot for me

ok i dont skate..

but being surrounded by them its hard not to have great love and support for this sport...

and im lucky enough to be able to take some fab shots of my family and i am super excited to be able to share that the coolest australian skateboard manufacturer

who is Pauls sponsor, has selected my lil old photo for his latest Ad in the

fabulous 3rd edition of heelside magazine.

really looking forward to seeing it :):):)



oh im feeling the effects of very little time to enjoy my favourite craft.

long work days ,a loss of mojo and my failing eyesight

seem to have me spending very few hours at my art table :(:(..(especially at night)

but i do look longinly at its messy appearance,and on occasion,

I do bust into something special,

but it seems so few and far between.

i just feel blessed to be able to see all the amazing art online to inspire me when i most need it ...a big thanks to julie heard for inviting me to add to her special relay for life auction...and add a canvas to the cause .

a couple of pieces from when Maz was here

a canvas for Nat ,from her special Generations shoot in april .

allawah church of slalom and slide

another fun day out for the family....

skating in Sydney with a crew of ASRA mates ...

the kids had a blast honing their techniques and

skills and learning from some experienced riders
i think they picked up more in this day just by getting in a doing it...

so my rad skater girls are now feeling so good about their slides .and .i think they r so cool !




Photos for Lucia .april 2011

Lucia ,Chris and Nicole

the afternoon was a little grey in places ,

but luckily we were able to fit in this quick shoot before the rain came down .

these guys made the shoot lots of fun


yr 13 (i think)

we've been since the first year ,when it was in a dust bowl in mannering park

with a handful of bands and travelling freaks ,now its involved into a much loved

yearly youth week festival complete with 40 or so bands and entertainers .

a fantastic day of diverse music and spectical(especially this yr)

ok so i may be a little late in posting these but so better late that never ,

so with out further procrastinating and no editing i present ..

a mini selection of Goats photos from 2011

oh ...dont ya just love this photo...

thank you ASTRID for snapping such an amazing photo

see you in 2012

caoss newcastle old school sesh


one of the event while gorgeous Maz was here,was the

Newcastle old school bowl jam at bar beach newcastle

i dont really need much excuse to shoot skaters anymore ..

its all about opportunity and availablity,and with this skating family

i'm a part of........opportunity abounds

heres a few that maz and i hosed off

(yeah thats pap speak for shooting )

heres our mate John the Pom..

proffessional photographer and all round nice guy

skate on !

maz's april visit

Maz came a visiting and it was such a fun filled weekend...

oh except for the dinner fiasco on the friday night

,which had us running all over the central coast trying to find each other...

major miscommunication issue ,

but finally at 9 we all met up and had a quick meal and a few drinks....
always fab to catch up with scrapgoddess,scrappermaz,jamier,crazymumand webgod.

or for non scrappers that leanne ,maz,jay,lucy and pammy .x

and lets not forget Me
with such a short period of time available...we basically didnt stop scrapping
or moving in some sense all weekend...
i think Maz may have needed a holiday to get over our weekend..
trips to newcastle for a skate event for PC
back and forth to do an evening pick up...
a photo shoot with maz at catho ,lots more scrapping...and a photo gig with lusia and chris on the sun.....massive weekend ,oh and we did actually scrap where r those layout
a massive shout out for Maz ... for making to effort to come a visiting,
sharing my kids bedroom,
being second camera for the sunday shoot,
putting up with barely staying still for more that an hour
and sharing my scraptable (as messy as it is )