Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tess and Lukes wedding

this weekend along with a visit from the gorgeous Ruby...

i was lucky enough to be able to to shoot Luke and Tess's wedding photos...

such a big responsibility taking wedding shots...

and so limited with time..

it was a wet day ...

and it limited some great photo opportunities

but i did have a few helpers on the day ..

sooo huge thansk to Evie ,Asti and Ruby for all adding to my splay of photos ..

lukes a huge metal fan ...and wasnt looking for your usual backdrop shots..

so when i suggested the cemetary ,he was ever so keen ,

so wish we had an extra 30 min

to explore this area

i wish Tess and Luke a long happy fun life together

a weekend with ruby

inspired by youth

beauty and amazing talent..

we were blessed this weekend to share time with Ruby .

her goreous spirit and infectious smile ,are just what this creative soul needed...

and didnt we make use of our limited time...

create create and have a blast

a bit of louise inspiration thrown in for good measure

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

a class with Donna Downey

a quick durrie with Donna DLol...well ive guess ive just outed us both... but its purley a when away from home thing
anyway ..what an amazingly creative being she is ...
oh how i wish my whole weekend wasnt filled with work ..
but i was lucky enough to fit in one class..
.didnt really matter what is was
,cause every project was amazing
(really wanted to do sat art journalling class )
but work commitments allowed for a little saturday night creativity..yay
it was a class based on canvas pages, iron on transfers,transparecny ,
ink, paint and one trusty spray bottle .
my work was laden down with water ..
(hence time to fit in a quick durrie )
so i didnt even attempt to finish it in the 3 hour class..
but finally i did ,and im so happy with the final piece..
its just gorgeous....
heres a before
and the final piece :)

LIve InSpirEd people

Thursday, March 17, 2011

sk8 mini album


just had to do something fun with these photos
so a mini album was born...
to celebrate cool skater girls who are RAD

OK skateboarding , its a boy thing too!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

"There is no such thing in anyone's life as an unimportant day."

its been such a busy few days ...
working weekends so has its pros..
but the cons are that this weekend i could have indulged in
hours of scrap therapy ,taking a little instruction from
but this weekends workload only allowed one class :)
and its still not finished ,cause i soaked it ...whoops ..
now i hear u shudder ,but the class was funky cool iron ons
and then some paint and ink play..hmmmm
paint and ink play....
my favourite,
always great to learn a new technique .
will share in the next few days...
i have another project thats almost finished
its started like this ..
just have some journalling to do and this shoooooooould be a sharer tomorrow....
i really shouldnt set dead lines for myself....
they just dont seem to happen atm
hope youve all had a creative weekend