Saturday, October 5, 2019

Join LIFE BOOK 2020

Here we go, After enjoying the Free Lifebook summit for 3 whole weeks, 
the countdown has begun for January 1st and the commencement of  Lifebook 2020.

LIFE BOOK, how much can I thank you for the creative boost you provided me when I was gifted the course by the super talented friend .. I do not have the words to share with you just how much creative growth I personally developed during the 2015.
 But I will try..

LIFE BOOK is a year long creative and wellness course that offers you over 80 lessons and gifts throughout the year to inspire your creative journey.
It educated, empowered and validated my own journey and since then, I have approached my art as a wonderful gift to myself.
And now, 4 years later, I have been asked to teach, share and hopefully inspire others, just like I was during 2015.

I am so incredibly grateful and excited to share my style of arty goodness with the amazing community of creatives, both new and students who return yearly for this incredible creative gift.

If you join before January 1st 2020, you save 20%, which is an incredible bargain for the 80 plus classes you will receive next year directly to your email, complete with a full in depth lesson and a PDF to correspond with each particular class. One can learn and create at your leisure.
to Join LIFE BOOK 2020 and Quote LOVEBOMB2020 to get 20% off

Just because you made to trip to my blog, here's a quick video as a reward.

 a hyper video from my 2019 #100dayproject

Thanks for dropping .
Lisa xx