Friday, August 17, 2012

more mail art

More Mail Art
 keeping me busy while i have a week off 
now all i need is some interested 
arty friends to send it too.

Heelside feature.... Pat Ngoho

Pat Ngoho.....Skater- Artist- Nice Guy
Aint it amazing how Rad life is ...
A few months ago, when the weather was warmer and the breeze humid ,
i was blessed with an opportunity to shoot interview photos of 
Pat Ngoho _in Australia for the" love and guts art tour" and the Bondi Bowlarama _
 i'm feeling just a little chuffed to be able to share that
 i have 6 pages in the latest heelside magazine.
now i'm not a professional anything , and i'm not trying to be ,
but i have a little design knowledge and when 
editor Kurt asked me,after seeing my FB pix,
to do the Photos and Layout i was stoked .
any excuse to scrap my photos :):):)
so i have 
 2 pages contain MY photos of the Pat Ngoho interview and MY layout design.
(Kurt was happy with that double page & he asked me to do 4 pages more)
4 pages contain other peoples photos from Barcelona with MY layout design
(and not a scrap product list in sight ...oh yeah !!!)
so big thanks to Heelside magazine for letting this scrapper play in your pages :) x

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Skater man turns 50

 These 2 rad kids are so in my good books.
Their Dad turned 50 a few weeks ago , and without me doing anything
except buying the cake and booking a bbq venue ,these 2 organized the most awesome 
weekend, their dear old dad could ask for ..
sat evening car park event one , 
bought out, to the cool winters nite some 60 riders ,
who raced down the 6 level carpark.some dressed in their finest st vinnies disco attire 
.there were winners and freaking radical prizes
a totally wonderful night 
 event two
a 50 cone slalom event 
Paul ,happy to make the final 3 had a wonderful day 
and im sure by all who attended .

 we couldnt have asked for a better weekend 
perfect weather , great freinds , and one very happy 50 year old 

Thanks Girls , you did an amazing job xx

Mail Art

Recently i joined an internatioanl mail art swap, 
which prompted a little more mail art..
who doesn't love receiving something arty,
 bright and colourful to their door

Mail aRT , Heading to kissinia in Ireland

Peace and mail art xxx

Friday, August 3, 2012

a day off to recharge

A Crisp Winters Day.
So what does one do ,
 enjoy a day off ,to make the most of the product 
floating over my table 
 after so much inspiration from Ruby and Louise
it was finally nice to get back to the art table to create again .
this piece about my dad has been in my head for weeks,
just had to get it on the page .

 these two a from my last bout of mojo 

Thanks for dropping by .