Monday, September 20, 2010

hows life treating you on these fine spring days ...
life is super busy atm ...with the sunshine seems to come more
opportunities to indulge oneself with weekend activities ....
poor asti's had the day off today run down and bang out come the cold sores
poor darling ,but these kids will push thenselves ..and last week it was sport
not only our usual friday basketball game .she had AUS TAG to play all day friday
then the sleep over at vanessas..dont think much sleep was had and then she returns home on sunday and sleeps all day on the sofa....should have known she would have a breakout .but some kids cant be told ............................heres some pics from her aus tag adventure :)
with a bears player ...dont ask me who
with the school coach

on a roll ...go asti !
so who kids have created a picture plate before...
my kids do them every second yr or so....
and ive always wondered how far you could take the creative side
,without actually layering anything(cause there r a few restrictions )
but ill be interested to see how this plate comes out

i have actually created something this weekend..
and heres the proof :)
i love this photo of astrid and her friends ..fianlly after many yrs made it to a page :)
and finally a share ....
been looking for the perfect dress for my shape
..and well i found it...:)
and i bought 2 dresses..
one red with cherries...the other just basic black
but i just didnt have the shoes ,
i finally found what i was looking for :)
my kids call the ABBY SHOES from ncis :)
and the dresses :)

have a super dooper week folks x

Sunday, September 12, 2010

just a few pieces from this weekend
a perfect scrap weekend.
im not 100%
and its
just the girls and i
pauls skating in canberra
so what better to do than create

have a wonderful working week friends

fathers day 2010
what better way to celebrate
that to do something both paul and the kids love

happy fathers day