Monday, December 5, 2011

i got a friend named Lee

My friend came to visit ..
packed his huge men tend to NOT pack light 
and jumped a plane to share my 43rd birthday with me...
i'm feeling the love ..
got to share the weekend with him and some longtime old friends
 from primary and high school :) always a blast ....
we had dinner with my folks and laughed our way thru 
3 days of much missed together time ..oh Lee
when ever i think of him or say his name ,
i start singing this !
Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, 
Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee, 
We're talkin' fuckin' Lee. 
I had a friend named Lee, 
He cast a spell a spell on me. 
If me and Lee and KG could be three, 
Flyin' free Tenaciously, 
Skinny-dippin' in a sea of Lee, 
I'd propose on bended knee 
To Lee Lee Lee, Lee Lee Lee, 
Lee Lee, 
Lee Lee Lee, Lee Lee Lee, 
Lee Lee, 
Le-Lut-Le-Le-Le-Lee Lee Lee, 
Le-Lut-Le-Le-Le-Lee Lee, 
If me, and Lee, and KG, (that's me)
Could be three, (could be three)
Plant a tree, (plant a tree)
Just for Lee, (just for Lee)
Just for Lee, (Lee)
Just for Lee! 
Lee, Lee, Lee: ["Psycho" Knife Song style, 16X]
Leeee, Leeee, Leeee: 
...some fun pics from my birthday weekend..:)

 oh plus we fit in this beach shoot with 3 lil girlies and 1 lil boy 

 i was super happy to pick up my framed art piece from my beloved art supply store 
wow the results look amazing ,much better irl,im so happy the commisioner insisted on framing ,
now it will stand the test of time and dust :)
 photos from a get together with people i adore